A Message from the Region I JAM VP!

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Hello WASC! My name is Kayleigh Ayala, and I am the Region 1 JAM Vice President. I am going into eighth grade, in a small town called Ellsworth. It is best known for its delicious cheese curds and its amazing wrestling team.

Some other things I do outside of student council include: Forensics, Drama Club, Choir, and volunteering as much as possible.

My student council has done amazing things, such as Dances, Concession stands, and even trips to the local Assisted Living Home, but this project stands out the most to me. Last year, we had meetings before school started to try to plan for the year. We came up with the idea to have notebooks, pencils, and folders for sale, so if someone forgot a notebook or a folder, they wouldn’t have to go to the store and buy them. We did this on New Student Orientation, and Open House. That wasn’t the last of this project though. Half way through the year, shortly after the second semester started, we decided to do it again, since people were losing pencils, and folders were breaking. If you’ve been in middle school, you know how it is. So, we decided to do it once more, since he had leftover supplies from the first sale. I think this is great to do in any school, because you can never have too much school supplies, and it helps students in the end. Other Wisconsin schools can do this by having their student council meet up before school, contact a store close to you and get the supplies, and have students work shifts so everyone can help!

Thank you WASC for helping me become a better leader, and learning what leadership is. I have made many friends through camp, and got to know people better at school because of it. I hope to be a part a WASC as long as possible.

Thank you,

Kayleigh Ayala

Region I JAM Vice President