Meet Molly Perry, Region III SHS Vice President

Michelle McGrathNews Notes

Hello leaders! My name is Molly Perry and I am a junior at Bay Port High School, which is located in region lll. I am excited to represent my region as the SHS Region lll Vice President and to become a more involved member of the WASC. My experience with the WASC began in 6th grade when I attended my … Read More

Dylan’s Welcome

Clay MichekNews Notes

WASC!  How do you feel?!!   My name is Dylan Kopf and I go to Evansville J.C. McKenna Middle School.  In the fall, I am going to be an 8th grader.  How do I feel?  I am very excited and honored to be the WASC State Jam President and the President of Region V for the school year of 2016-17. I am … Read More

Matthew’s Welcome

Clay MichekNews Notes

Hello WASC leaders! My name is Matthew LaMirande and this year I’m going to be a senior at Saint Croix Falls High School, which is located deep within the depths of Region 1. I am so excited to serve as the SHS State President for the 2016-2017 school year, because the WASC has made such an impact on me, and … Read More