Letter from the Region IV Vice President!

Christine HettingerNews Notes, WASC News Feed

Hello fellow Region IV delegates!

On Friday, November 16th our region was able to assemble at Carroll University due to the incredible hard work of Muskego High School.  We started out the conference with an amazing keynote speaker, Scott Backovich. He taught us that we have to look for the small moments in life and try to reach out to the people that need our help the most. Scott was able to explain to us that while we all have extremely busy lives, we have to be able to stop and live in the moment in order to help the students in our schools and community members who don’t always stand out but may need someone to tell them they matter.

We then moved onto our first group of sectionals. The sectionals gave us more insight into the Naval Academy, how and what regional officers do, Muskego’s wonderful Spooktacular event and what makes it a success, and the Make-A-Wish foundation. All of these wonderful sectionals helped us all grow as leaders and become more educated on many different topics. Then we moved into the dining room and enjoyed an amazing meal from the Carroll kitchen staff. After lunch we moved into the second set of sectionals. Here we learned about different problem solving skills, how to properly fundraise and what we do at different schools, how to start your very own nonprofit as a high schooler, and our great advisors got to met together and talk.

We then moved back into the ballroom and had our closing ceremony. The Muskego executive board put on a wonderful skit about how sometimes we have to stand up for what we believe in using the Lorax as inspiration. Then their principal, Todd Irving, talked to us briefly about how we must always be leaders and the world needs more leaders like us. Muskego’s President, Frankie Sperka, sent us on our way with a successful day filled with growth and knowledge.  Once again thank you to Muskego and Carroll for the hard work and generosity put into this day. I can’t wait to see you all again in December for Leadership Day with the Bucks!



Region IV Vice President

Emily Cain