Mason’s Welcome

Lexi RichardsonNews Notes

Hello! My name is Mason Peer and I serve as the JAM State Vice-President as well as Region I JAM President! I just started my 8th grade year at Saint Croix Falls Middle School, in the whitetail region.(Region I) . And I am so excited for this coming year!

I honestly did not know that the WASC existed until my amazing student council advisor (Suzanne Imhoff) told me all about it. It sparked my attention right away and I attended my first state conference!!! From then on I have never been so proud and happy. I am so stoked to be on the executive board!

I started student council in 5th grade eager and carried on throughout middle school. It has always been a fun experience to help out with school events and in my community. Outside, of student council I run cross country, which I am extremely dedicated to, track, and am involved in Destination Imagination, Forensics, Drama, take piano lessons, am involved in band and choir, and volunteer for a Reading Center for young kids in our community. Also love to spend time with my parents, my 4 younger sisters and my chinchilla. Every one of these activities inspire me to be better, because I look up to some of the older kids and see how amazing they are! I hope to be like them so kids will look up to me like I look up to them. They help me be a better leader, and that’s why I believe I am here at the WASC trying to be even better than I could ever imagine! WASC gives me so much strength and happiness! It’s so great to work with such amazing individuals! WASC is so great and is offered to all the schools across Wisconsin. There are many leadership opportunities and conferences for your councils!

I have a lot of goals, and I have a specific one for the WASC is that we all are comfortable with one another and are always willing to help out. Whenever I see someone in need I make sure to ask and help out however I can! My idea is that we need a way to share our ideas throughout our school’s/student councils and be able to share information for ones in need. As if someone needs an idea for fundraising help we would be able to share ideas! I need as much help as possible! I hope you would be willing to share awesome ideas throughout our student council’s and we can make this year and the year to come great for everyone!

I hope you are as excited as I am!


Mason Peer

JAM State Vice-President

JAM Region I President