Matthew’s Welcome

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Hello WASC leaders! My name is Matthew LaMirande and this year I’m going to be a senior at Saint Croix Falls High School, which is located deep within the depths of Region 1. I am so excited to serve as the SHS State President for the 2016-2017 school year, because the WASC has made such an impact on me, and I can’t wait to make an impact on the WASC. I first became involved with the WASC my freshman year, and I’ve become more and more involved ever since! This will be my second year as Region 1’s President, and it is going to be my first year on the executive board. WASC has been such an amazing resource for me, and through it I have sharpened my leadership skills, met lifelong friends, and I’ve had the privilege to learn from a countless amount of spectacular speakers. I hope the WASC can be just as influential to each and every one of you!


Outside of student council, I participate in many different activities at my school. I am a captain of both my school’s cross country team and track team. I’m a captain of my school’s forensics team, I am heavily involved with band and choir, and I also participate in the drama club and National Honors Society. Through each and every one of these activities that I do, I have been taught something about leadership that I will always remember, and I believe that I have become a better leader because of that.


During my freshman year, I experienced the WASC for the very first time through the attendance of my region’s Fall Summit, and I’ve never looked back. Coming from Region 1, one of the main things that I have been able to notice is the lack of attendance from the region at WASC functions, such as the State Conference. Because of this, one of my main goals is to reach out personally to each member school of the WASC to encourage them to attend WASC events, along with contacting non-member schools in an attempt to spread the WASC magic to everyone. But I certainly can’t accomplish this goal all by myself. I need help from all of you guys! The best way to spread the magic of the WASC is to share your amazing experiences of the WASC with others and talking to your advisor about how to become more involved with the WASC!


I can’t wait for this upcoming year with all of you guys, and I’m super excited about what’s to come! I encourage each and every one of you to come up to me during conferences and events, because I’d love to talk to all of you guys and hear your ideas about what to do for the WASC! I can’t wait for this amazing year with all of you guys!



Matthew LaMirande

SHS State President and Region 1 SHS President