Meet Callie Korth, Region V SHS Vice President

Lexi RichardsonNews Notes

Hello all and welcome to my first News Note! I’m Callie Korth, a freshman at McFarland High School and Region V’s SHS Vice President! I am ecstatic to be able to take part in this amazing organization for yet another year, and I hope everyone else is as well. I’d like to start off my News Note with one of my favorite quotes: “a leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell. This is such a great quote because it really empowers leaders like me to be well rounded and independent, along with making sure we help other leaders to reach toward this goal as well. 

I’d like to begin with some things about myself (but not too much so I don’t bore you to death). I am a freshman this year, which is pretty crazy, but the chaos is fun. So far, I’ve survived! I have a huge passion for music, whether it’s playing a guitar or going to an excessive amounts of concerts (no joke, I waited in line for ten hours for one and have been to over ten total!). I also love to sing, write and draw. 

I have been on the WASC Governing Board since my 7th grade year, but I have always had a passion for leading since little on. It is my first year on the SHS section of the board, so I am super excited for what’s to come! 

This organization has done so much to me, from teaching me how to lead others to helping me discover more about myself. It’s such a welcoming place filled with joy and people who share the same passion as me. Someday, I hope to serve on this board as an advisor as well. I have also been to camp twice now – and I have to admit, I cried. A lot. This camp has been so impactful on my life, and I am still friends with most of my families to this day!

I am from McFarland High School, and we definitely strive for great leadership! This year our school is hosting the fall summit, and I plan on doing a sectional with one of my friends. I am president of my Freshman class, which means lots of responsibilities from homecoming to fundraisers, but I have tried my best to prepare for that role – with a big help from the WASC! This fall I was able to experience my first homecoming — it was a blast. We also had spirit week before hand, and the picture above is me (right) and my friend Logan (left) twinning with our Harry Styles shirts and bandanas for twin day! Our homecoming floats were pretty creative too – from Pokemon to the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine! 

I have many goals for the WASC and Region V this year. Anywhere from getting our social media on track (make sure to follow us on twitter @wascregion_v) to getting more people involved in this amazing organization! I will try my best to discover new and inventive ways to get people excited about the WASC such as using Remind 101, or even a rewards based referral program that students can use to encourage them to spread the word!

This year holds so much for our region and our organization, and I am very blessed that I get to be a part of it. I hope the beginning of the school year went well for all of you, and I wish you a very happy fall! 

           Best regards,

                                   Callie Korth

Region V SHS Vice President