Meet Molly Perry, Region III SHS Vice President

Michelle McGrathNews Notes

Hello leaders! My name is Molly Perry and I am a junior at Bay Port High School, which is located in region lll. I am excited to represent my region as the SHS Region lll Vice President and to become a more involved member of the WASC. My experience with the WASC began in 6th grade when I attended my first state conference. Since then, I have fallen in love with the organization and attended countless conferences and camps. The WASC has not only developed me as a leader, but it also has changed my view on the world. I have met countless new people and learned from the best speakers in the country, and I have faith that it will be just as life changing for you too!

When I am not at student council meetings or events, I am volunteering downtown at an underprivileged elementary school. I mentor and tutor bilingual fifth graders, and often times, they teach me more than I teach them. Also, I was an MRL level soccer player before I dislocated my knees and had two reconstructive surgeries. During my recovery, I found comfort in music and soon fell in love with singing and acting. I now participate in plays and musicals at my school. All of these activities have taught me about leadership, but none of them could teach me as much about myself as a person, and a leader as the WASC. It is finally time for me to give back what this organization has given to me. I want to encourage more people to go to camp, because I truly believe that it is the gateway into the wonderful world of leadership. I don’t think I speak for only myself when I say that camp is an incredible experience that is hard to put into words. I need your help to find those words in order to motivate more young leaders all over the state to attend these wonderful WASC events. The best way to start is by motivating your own council to go.

I am so excited to spend the rest of this year with this wonderful group of people. I look forward to sharing and receiving new ideas with all of you intelligent people! I am very excited to get more involved in the organization that has changed my life.


Molly Perry

Region lll Vice President