Meet Peyton Fitzpatrick, Region IV JAM Vice President

Michelle McGrathNews Notes

Greetings WASC members and leaders! My name is Peyton Fitzpatrick and I am the Region IV JAM Vice President. This school year I will be a 8th Grader at Pilgrim Park Middle School (PPMS) in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I have been a part of the WASC for two years now and am currently in my third. Each year the WASC teaches me, along with other students, many valuable lessons I hope to bring back to my school. This will be my first year on the WASC leadership board, a year I am looking forward too.

One thing the WASC helps us become, is better leaders. With all of my knowledge from the WASC, I have been working with my school senate to bring out the leaders in everyone. The way my school does this, is first from within our senate. At the beginning of the year we have a retreat that’s only for a couple of hours after school. In those hours we execute many icebreakers, go on trust walks, and do tons of team building activities. These activities not only bring us together but help us learn things about each other we didn’t know before. Another way our school brings out leaders, is with a club called the National Junior Honors Society. This is a pretty common club, but I feel it is important because they do lots of things involving community service. Leaders help other leaders. There are many more ways PPMS tries to bring out the leaders in everyone but that was just a couple of examples. Now, there are many things that I do outside of senate as well! I am currently on a Senior Level 3 team at Heat Athletics ­a competitive all star cheerleading gym. I am also a Girl Scout at the Cadette level, and am involved in my school’s band and choir. Each of these activities all have one thing in common, hard work. In order to be good at them you need to be able to work hard, just like a leader does.

Being a part of the WASC the past 2 years I have picked up on something. I’ve noticed that although the WASC is very involved with the current members, we don’t do that much to reach out to non­member schools. A goal that I have as the Vice President is to find new ways to get in touch with as many people as possible. Currently in Region 4, we have social media accounts. I would love to think of some other ideas. One really good way to do this is with the help of the WASC members! Tell all of your friends, and schools to spread the word of the WASC. Together we can bring in new members!

I am looking forward to an amazing term with every single leader in the WASC. I also hope to meet as many of you as possible! Thank you in advance for everything and allowing me to be in the position I am.


Peyton Fitzpatrick

Region IV Vice President