Meet Region VI President: Yevheniy O. Mizin

Michelle McGrathNews Notes

Greetings Region VI,

It is my unfeigned honor to be of service to you as your elected Senior High School Region VI President and Wisconsin Association of School Councils Governing Board Representative. The interests of our region and the extension of our outreach is -and has always been- my foremost priority.  I intend to do my utmost to justify your trust and correspondingly will carry out the responsibilities of my office. Markedly, our fervorous leadership from Buffalo to Lafayette County represents the future of our state and nation; of which I am a staunch proponent and maintain a high degree of respect for taking part in.

Albeit I currently reside in Richland Center, I originally emigrated to the United States from Ukraine at the age of four. The abysmal social, economic and political spheres of my birthplace provided a stark dichotomy to that of my home here in the States. Expressly, the historic governance structure at the state level is among the many distinctive opportunities for leadership which would have been rendered inaccessible in Ukraine. Since 1935, the association has run coequally by elected students and advisors who are elected to terms at the annual State Conference. Our current advisor and coordinator is Mr. Marty Klish of Adams-Friendship High School.

A multitudinous array of opportunities and events are available for present and prospective member schools of Region VI which aid in networking, leadership development and organization of Wisconsin’s Student Councils. These include, yet are not limited to, the Fall Regional Summit, National Conference on Student Activities, State Conference and Competition Program, School Spirit of Excellence Award and unique to our region, the Individual Leadership Award. Information regarding these events may be found on Any concerns or inquiries pertaining the aforementioned opportunities or membership requirements may be voiced to or alternatively to (608)241-7107. If you have new concepts, recommendations or points of inquiry for how to become more involved in our Region, you can contact me at

I look forward to working with you in the months to come. Your contributions support a distinctive statewide organization that is without parallel in our nation and aids senior high student governments across Southwest Wisconsin.

Best regards,

Yevheniy O. Mizin

Richland Center High School