Region IV Introductions!

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Hi everyone!

We’re the WASC Region IV members of the governing board and are so excited to take part in such an amazing leadership organization. We are so grateful for the opportunity WASC has given us to grow as leaders in our state to make our communities a better place. On behalf of the Region IV governing board we would like to introduce ourselves and share our future goals with you!

T.J Holtz, WASC Region IV SHS President: Hello everyone! It is an honor to be able to be Region IV’s President this year. I strive to help in anyone I can. WASC has changed the way that I lead, and I hope that with the experiences it provides it will help you too because ultimately leadership makes the world go around. Please feel free to reach out.  I hope to see you all soon!!!

Emily Cain, WASC Region IV SHS Vice President: Hello fellow delegates! When I first joined my high school student council, I didn’t know how much it would impact my life. This is my first year in a regional position, and I have had such a blast already getting to know so many inspiring leaders. I can’t wait to make an impact in the WASC and help others become leaders in the world as well.

Nedda Besharat, WASC Region IV SHS Secretary: Hi! I’m so excited to be a part of the WASC Region IV governing board this year! WASC has allowed me to grow into a more confident individual to share my ideas and lead with a purposeful passion. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you at any of the WASC events this year!

Dylan Gould, WASC Region IV JAM President: Hey! I’m Dylan Gould and I am so excited to be helping you as the region IV JAM president! I have been in the WASC program for two years, and I could never say I dislike it. Helping someone come out of their comfort zone while still feeling safe is a very difficult thing to do, and WASC pulls it off! I hope to be in contact with you all soon!!

Rose Reynolds, WASC Region IV JAM Vice President: Hi, I’m Rose. I am SO excited to be able to represent Region 4 this year! I love WASC because of how much I’ve learned and done through this organization. Hope to meet you soon!

Alana Gerhardt, WASC Region IV JAM Secretary: Hello! I’m so excited to be on The WASC Governing Board this year! WASC has given me the opportunity to come out of my shell, and talk to new people who I can relate with! I can’t wait to help other students all around Wisconsin! This is my first year here, and it’s going to be spectacular!

We hope you are as excited as we are to make this year AWESOME!

One goal we hope to achieve this year is to allow Region IV WASC members to grow closer friendships and become more comfortable sharing their Student Council’s ideas with one another. This goal would be accomplished by incorporating at least one additional meeting each year (besides Fall Summit and State Conference) for all the schools in Region IV to get together and dedicate several hours to networking, ice breaking, and collaborating! The additional meeting(s) would ultimately enable Region IV student leaders and advisors to take back unique ideas to their school communities and become more comfortable expressing ideas

If you have any additional ideas, comments, or questions that you believe would benefit Region IV or WASC as a whole please contact!


WASC Region IV Governing Board