September Updates!

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SHS September 2017

Everyone knows one of the best parts of Student Council is planning Homecoming.  Along with Homecoming comes Spirit Week, and Altoona High School from Region I has some tips on how to get students involved.  Get ready for the best Homecoming week of your life!


  • Plenty of Prominent Posters:


      • Posters are a GREAT way to spread school spirit. Don’t just put one or two up: put them everywhere! Some great places include hallways, lockers, classroom doors, and bathroom stalls. In addition, one or two big posters in the cafeteria and/or by the front doors really catch people’s attention
      • Remember to make the posters visually appealing. Bright colors and big letters will go a long way towards making your Spirit Week a huge hit.


  • Social Media is Your Friend!


      • Advertising on social media was key to high involvement this year!
      • Each night before a dress up day, post a picture on Instagram or tweet what the next dress up day is. Students often forget, and this is a good reminder for them to pick out their outfits.
      • Students love to be featured on social media pages, so make sure to take lots of pictures of students dressed up and post them! Not only does it build school spirit among the student body, it lets everyone else know how great Homecoming is at YOUR school!


  • Successful Dress Up Day Ideas:


    • Here is the list of dress up days that Altoona had. The students loved them!
      • ‘Merica Monday
      • Tacky Tourist Tuesday
      • Class Color Wednesday
      • Tie Die Thursday
      • Spirit Day Friday

Does your school have an amazing Spirit Week too? Do you have an idea you just have to share? Tell us about it the comments!