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Wisconsin Association Of School Councils

Educating, Engaging, and Empowering Young Leaders in Wisconsin


Board of Directors

The WASC Board of Directors is comprised of 7 members with various levels of expertise and insight in the following categories: financial management, accounting, legal expertise, fundraising, marketing, human resources and leadership. This inaugural board was selected from a nominating committee comprised of the JAM/SHS Executive Advisors, Board of Directors President, Accountant, and AWSA Executive Director. Current members hold a 3 year term. They will meet monthly to quarterly. 

Current members: 

  1. Darla Brendemuehl, Chair
  2. Steve Schroeder, Vice Chair
  3. Jenn Schaal
  4. Sally Stewart
  5. Julie Lietz
  6. Sara Faust
  7. Andrew Gussert

Collaborative Leadership Council (CLC)

The WASC Collaborative Leadership Council (CLC) consists of 40+ positions, including both students and advisors. The additional members of the CLC are WASC staff, who do not vote.

Once elected as a regional President, you may run for a state office. The CLC elects an SHS and JAM State President and Vice President and Advisors, who serve as SHS and JAM Coordinators. These positions, along with the WASC staff, make up the Executive Committee, which meets in addition to the CLC meetings. A current roster of CLC members is listed below. 

Region I: SHS Advisor (vacant); SHS President, Tehya J. (Menomonie HS); SHS Vice President, Josh M. (River Falls HS); SHS Secretary, Amelia W. (Menomonie HS); JAM Advisor, Ralph Haas (Menomonie MS); JAM President, Annabelle W. (Menomonie MS; JAM Vice President, McKenzie T. (Menomonie MS); JAM Secretary, Hannah J. (Cameron MS)

Region II: SHS Advisor, Leah Trojan (Lakeland Union HS); SHS President Gage C. (Lakeland Union HS); SHS Vice President, Oyouka S. (Lakeland Union HS); SHS Secretary, Kady L. (Lakeland Union HS); JAM Advisor, (Vacant); JAM President, Sophia P. (Ben Franklin Jr. High); JAM Vice President, Nora L. (Ben Franklin Jr. High); JAM Secretary, Eva F. & Peyton H. (Crandon MS) 

Region III: SHS Advisor, Kim Kargus-Myers (Oshkosh West HS); SHS President, Kavari B. (Bay Port HS); SHS Vice President, Hayden S. (Bay Port HS); SHS Secretary, Erin G.; JAM Advisor, Sara Faust (Einstein MS); JAM President, Jacob O. (J.R. Gerritts MS); JAM Secretary, Sarah M. (Berlin MS) 

Region IV: SHS Advisor, Julie Lietz (South Milwaukee HS); SHS President, Joseph G. (South Milwaukee HS); SHS Vice President, Nathaniel P. (South Milwaukee HS); SHS Secretary, Will M. (Oak Creek HS); JAM President, Avery H. (Templeton MS); JAM Vice President, Miles K. (Templeton MS); JAM Secretary, Adi S. (Pilgrim Park MS)

Region V: SHS Advisor, Gretchen Kopf (J.C.McKenna MS); SHS President, Dawson K. (Evansville HS); SHS Vice President, Anika K. (Evansville HS); SHS Secretary, Nora P. (Cross Plains HS); JAM Advisor, Meaghan McGuire (Monroe MS); JAM President, Mia S. (J.C. McKenna MS); JAM Vice President, Althea S. (Monroe MS); JAM Secretary, Miah C. (Monroe MS)

Region VI: SHS Advisor, Vacant; SHS President, Anna C. (Baraboo HS); SHS Vice President, Aditi M. (Onalaska HS);  SHS Secretary, Skylar D. (Reedsburg HS) and Abigail (Koyail) N. (Reedsburg HS); JAM Advisor, Vacant; JAM President, Saavni M. (Onalaska MS) 

Collaborative Leadership Council Positions

The Wisconsin Association of School Councils is unique in structure, as it is run equally by students and advisors who are elected to terms at the annual State Conference. The duties and services of our elected officers and include: programming, publications; mentoring; and providing other services to the member schools.

If you would like to apply for a Regional Officer position, fill out the Google form Application and submit it by March 15, 2024

To learn more about the WASC Collaborative Leadership Council, explore the documents linked here: WASC Policies (currently being updated), WASC Articles.

2023-24 Collaborative Leadership Council 


Each year the WASC creates opportunities for student leaders to serve their region and the entire state. Election of Regional & State Officers (both student and adult) take place at the State Conference each year. Click on the links below for more information and to apply. 

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