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COVID-19 has certainly challenged us.  Here are some tips and resources for a positive school culture during tough times!

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Rooted in Love


During this difficult, confusing, and frightening time, Mike Smith, the host of The Harbor™ by Jostens, takes to the crate to acknowledge the challenges we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. Mike issues a call to action for all of us, in this unprecedented time, to find ways to build community, take care of one another, and stay rooted in love.


Is your school battling a campus closure due to COVID-19? Have you been forced to cancel dances, sports, theater productions, and other student activities? We’re here to help.

Below is a running list of activities your ASB/Student Council program can use immediately to foster positive culture and engagement.

huge thank-you to all of the programs who have permitted us to share their incredible activities!

Click HERE to learn more

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Character Strong Resources

1. Lessons and Resources for Educators, Students, and Families

Free lessons, tools, videos, etc. that you can use with your students throughout the upcoming weeks. Whether your district will have you teaching virtually, or if you simply desire to share resources with your students during this time off, we hope these resources provide some support to both you and your students.

2. CharacterStrong Virtual Assemblies

We have reached out to our network of speakers to see if they would be willing to share short inspiring, positive, and uplifting “virtual assemblies” over the coming weeks. We invite you to share these with your students.

3. CharacterStrong Whole Child Virtual Summit

This event has been in the works for a few months now, but we are ramping up our efforts to make it available sooner. From April 13-24th, we will have a myriad of guests including Dr. Angela Duckworth to share why the work of educating the Whole Child is so important. This will be a free virtual summit that anyone in education could benefit from. Register for the Summit here, then share with your colleagues and network. These conversations are rich and practical - you will love them!

4. 30 Days of Kindness Journal

In an effort to combat the fear and confusion we are currently experiencing, we’ve put together 30 Days of Kindness that can be done from home. 10 minutes or less a day to keep you focused on goodness and positivity with shareable social images, videos, and journal pages.


5. Free Ongoing Content to Keep You Connected with the WHY and the HOW

Blogs, Podcasts, Webinars and Facebook Live events will be geared towards your needs right now. We will continue to put out regular blogspodcast episodes, and webinars to support those who support our students. We hope these will be a source of encouragement and reminders of how we can best support our students’ social and emotional needs.

6. Virtual Professional Development

A month ago, we launched our CharacterStrong Virtual Professional Development. It provides “the Why, the What, and the How” of creating strong school culture and infusing social-emotional learning into the daily fabric of our work. The content is thoughtful, practical, and has a strong focus on SEL, character development, purpose, and developing a common language. This resource can be used in many ways to train both certified and classified staff. Many schools and districts are purchasing it during the school closures to send out to their staff for continued professional learning and discussion during this difficult time. It includes worksheets for processing and extended learning opportunities with curated blogs, podcasts, and webinars. Learn more about how to purchase this for your school site here.

Click for More Info about KIND


          Over 100 short videos to help young people become the best versions of                         themselves!  Click HERE to learn more.


Sign up for a FREE service where educators throughout the USA are talking about how to #UseTechToConnect kids throughout the nation.  ICANHELP is leading the change to have this conversation in one place and giving lessons, and future webinars to ease this isolation.  Go Sign Up for the FREE discussion.

Click to Sign Up for the FREE Discussion


Joe Beckman is sharing a wonderful resource called The Hub with parents and educators.

Not only can you find videos on character and human connection here, but also lesson plans, ice breakers, PD and more.

Joe’s hope is that it will help schools and parents remind students that character, civility, and connection are integral parts now…and after we get through this.

Here is a link that gives everyone free access.

Thank you, Joe Beckman!


As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, schools are closed across the country leading to many parents and children having increased time at home together. So how can parents take advantage of this time with their kids? Is there an opportunity to engage kids in the home in meaningful ways? We think so and it is why we created Home Chats to help open up those opportunities for purposeful discussions.

Home Chats are one-page conversation guides to enable you and your kids to discuss and build relevant leadership and life skills. Each Home Chat guide uses a Habitude to build an applicable life skill by utilizing relevant visuals and activities to create a fun way for parents to engage their kids.

Click HERE to access these Home Chats!


    Association of Washington Student Leaders came up with this GREAT list of 31 questions to ask                     student leaders. Check it out and Click HERE!


Click for More info from Varsity Brands

Overcoming Obstacles’ Life Skills Lessons for Remote Learning offers educators engaging activities they can use with their secondary school students while they are learning from home. The activities will help students identify their strengths, make better decisions, achieve their goals, develop a positive attitude, respect themselves as well as others, and handle the stress in their lives.

To download the free handbook, click here. And please don’t hesitate to forward or share this email with anyone you think would find this resource helpful.


We can’t always ask our students to take off the armor at home, or even on their way to school, because their emotional and physical safety may require self-protection. But what we can do, and what we are ethically called to do, is create a space in our schools and classrooms where all students can walk in and, for that day or hour, take off the crushing weight of their armor, hang it on a rack, and open their heart to truly being seen.

We must be guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe, be curious, and to explore the world and be who they are without suffocation. They deserve one place where they can rumble with vulnerability and their hearts can exhale. And what I know from the research is that we should never underestimate the benefit to a child of having a place to belong—even one—where they can take off their armor. It can and often does change the trajectory of their life.

Daring Classrooms Resources


Mo Willems invites YOU into his studio every day for his LUNCH DOODLE. Learners worldwide can draw, doodle and explore new ways of writing by visiting Mo’s studio virtually once a day for the next few weeks. Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons and join Mo to explore ways of writing and making together.

New episodes will be posted each weekday at 1:00 p.m. ET and then remain online to be streamed afterwards.  Check back each weekday for new LUNCH DOODLES!

Lunch Doodles with Mo


Imagineering fans, get ready! If you’ve ever been one of many guests who’s visited a Disney theme park and found yourself inspired to dream, build and create, there’s a new online program you just can’t miss!

‘Imagineering in a Box’ is a free online program that brings together the diverse talents of Disney Imagineers around the world for a one-of-a-kind learning experience and is part of Disney’s commitment to helping today’s youth create the future they imagine.

The series offers 32 videos in which Imagineers share how they use a wide range of skills – from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – to create immersive experiences. The online curriculum aims to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and encourage innovation in the minds of students and teachers alike, while creating fun and engaging opportunities to explore new concepts.

Imagineering in a Box


Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!

Scholastic (Learn at Home)


With schools closing across the nation, parents and educators are in bit of a panic as they try to figure out how kids can learn and obtain their education from home. If this sounds like you, stop stressing. This is going to be super helpful!

Free Subscriptions


Free social-emotional activities from Pathway 2 Success that can be done at home.

Pathway 2 Success Resources


Mindfulness activities for free for teens and adults

Mindfulness activities

Teaching mindfulness to kids


Virtual field trips are a great way to expose kids to new places all from the comfort of home. In this age of technology, so many museums, zoos and aquariums have set up virtual tours and webcams of their facilities. Now more than ever, is it easier to visit destinations around the world from the comfort of your couch.

Virtual Field Trips


A great resource to find food assistance, help paying bells, and other free or reduced costs programs that help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find Help


Having fun is important during this time. Have students experience rides from Disneyland and great some metaphoric discussions!

Virtual Disneyland Rides


The WASC has a long history and well established role as an educational resource for Wisconsin’s student leaders.  Educating, empowering and engaging students has been a priority for the WASC spanning the last 9 decades. In fact, the WASC is the only organization in the nation where students have equal representation to adults on its governing body.

All of our programs are designed to adhere to the following Leadership Standards:

  • Self Awareness: student is aware of their strengths and weaknesses and utilizes this knowledge to reach their potential
  • Character: student takes responsibility for personal actions and acts ethically (i.e. demonstrates honesty, fairness, integrity)
  • Goal Setting: student understands and participates in the process of setting, achieving, and evaluating goals
  • Organization: student works with groups to plan & implement organized projects
  • Communication: student effectively uses various mediums to communicate.
  • Diversity: student is knowledgeable and respectful of diverse groups and protected classes.
  • Decision-Making: student understands the process for decision-making.
  • Group Process: student understands how individual differences affect group processes.
  • Citizenship: student understands ways to positively contribute to national and global communities.
  • Conflict Resolution: student understands and utilizes strategies for resolving conflicts.

The WASC advocates for all students who want to use their voice and actions to make their schools safer and more inclusive. Connected and engaged students are a necessary piece to safe schools. It is our responsibility to work with our peers, teachers, administrators and community to create a positive and safe environment where we can learn, grow and thrive together. There is no single answer, action or policy – it requires all of us coming together, listening, caring and taking a variety of steps to create change. Here are a couple ideas to get you started. This is the time to: Listen. Learn. Lead.


Click on the following RESOURCES to help guide you and your schools on the journey of student voice and advocacy!

Students' Rights: Speech, Walk-outs, and Protests:  studentrights2018 (1).pdf

 What School Officials Can Do To Create Positive and Safe Environments: What Students and School Leaders Can Do.pdf

What Student Can Do to Create Positive and Safe Environments:  WhatStudentsCanDo-PDF (1) 2.pdf

Wisconsin School News – A publication from the WI Association of School Boards – Click here to read the Student Voice Article WSBO 2018.pdf

Big Ideas Resource Folder


Click on the following RESOURCES to help guide you and your schools on the journey of student voice and advocacy!

Youth Empower Toolkit 

#ENOUGH: National School Walkout

Students Must Move Beyond Social Media to Become Truly Engaged

Motivation, Engagement, and Student Voice

5 Ways to Give Your Students More Voice and Choice

Student Voice:  The Key to Unlocking School Potential with Russ Quagilia

The Word on Voice by Russ Quagilia

Advisor Checklist can be found in the MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT


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