The Wisconsin Association of School Councils is unique in structure, as it is run equally by elected students & advisors who are elected to terms at the annual State Conference. The duties and services of our elected officers and WASC Directors include: budget; publications; conferences/workshops; providing other services to the member schools.

The WASC is governed by two important documents.  Click below to learn more about each document and their contents.

Articles of Incorporation

Governing Board Policies

Governing Board

The WASC Governing Board consists of 24 members, half of which are students and the other half advisors. The twelve students on Governing Board are the six regional presidents from the Senior High and Junior High/Middle School levels. The adults are elected regional advisors from the Senior High and Junior High/Middle School levels. The final members of the board are WASC staff, who do not vote.

The Governing Board elects a SHS & JAM State President and Vice President and Advisors who serve as SHS & JAM Coordinators. These positions, along with the WASC staff, make up the Executive Committee, which meets between Governing Board meetings.

Governing Board meetings take place in May, September, December, and February. The Executive Committee also meets between board meetings.


Along with a president and advisor, each region also elects a vice-president and secretary. These eight positions make up the region’s executive committee. All officers are elected at the spring business meeting held during the state conference.

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  • Logo_Region_II-284x300Region II – Northlands
  • Logo_Region_III-284x300Region III – Fox River Valley
  • Logo_Region_IV-284x300Region IV – Metropolitan
  • Logo_Region_V-284x300Region V – Capitol
  • Logo_Region_VI-284x300Region VI – Big River